Iuri Schimanski is pronounced like YUU-ree SHI-man-skee, not to be confused with Luri. Which happens very often in his life, entertainingly so.

Iuri has been making photos since his early teen years. He started with a Nikon N65 film camera, and quickly moved onto digital. Digital meant having a point-and-shoot to carry around at a young age. Then in his early 20's he picked up a digital DSLR, the beautiful Nikon D90. After five years he moved on to a Fujifilm X100, which got amazing results. Now he's onto the Fujifilm X-Pro2.

Through his college days he has taken numerous photography courses while getting his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. He currently works full-time as a Linux Administrator at Northeastern University, and part-time live video production sports games, as well as freelance photography. Iuri has 8+ years of live video production experience. He has worked as broadcast switcher, replay assistant, and camera-man. His video broadcasts include Northeastern University Athletics, Harvard University Athletics, Boston Cannons, and Boston Breakers. He continues to improve his process through practice, and multiple college level digital media courses.

Located in Seattle, WA

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