December 25, 2016

I’ve been living in this neighborhood for close to three years now, and every year my neighbors put on a show with their decorations. It is not only for Christmas, they do it for Halloween the most, but also other holidays. I usually count between 5-8 baby Jesus statues each year, this year there were seven. Some decorations are very elaborate, while others are just lights, but either way, it’s really enjoyable to walk around and look at them.

This year I took the time to walk around and get some quick photos of them. First, because I wanted to show some decorations, and secondly, I wanted to experiment with the camera and lens in the dark with bright lights. I usually don’t process photos too much because I like how they look straight from the camera, but in the dark, the camera doesn’t always know what to do. So here I did some post-processing to exaggerate the lights above all, as a result the photos don’t look like real life, but that’s ok. Hope you enjoyed them. Thanks.

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